Secret Network Validator, Intro

“Approaching the boring pragmatism of payments on blockchain.“


KUSD Stablecoin is a cross-chain, business-friendly blockchain payments platform. Its goal is to help entrepreneurs and enterprises in various sectors build highly usable blockchain applications for a wide range of end-users.

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Our solution has been initially launched on the Klaytn network, and we continue to expand it further to support more next-gen blockchain networks. The main aim is to provide equal opportunity to all projects that want to leverage KUSD tokens, without sacrificing liquidity.


Maxim Kupriianov

Founder of Kompose, Inc.
Senior Software Engineer & International Entrepreneur.

Max has 10+ years of systems development experience and 3 years of crypto-related engineering. He has first-hand knowledge of Ethereum/EVM/Solidity, Tendermint/Cosmos as well as experience deploying complex PoS networks. Max is personally managing the Validator Node of the Secret Network, that utilizes Intel SGX hardware security module.

Secret Tokens on a Scrt.Network

Secret Network is a blockchain-based, open-source protocol that lets anyone perform computations on encrypted data, bringing privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains.

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We've been monitoring Enigma MPC's efforts to prepare and release this protocol for a long time, and we're very happy to be among first who onboards the platform during the Mainnet-v2 phase which enables support of private smart-contracts.

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Following this post Secret Tokens: Programmable Privacy for DeFi, we're going to extend our KUSD Stablecoin implementation to support the new Secret Token standard.


  • KUSD ✕ Klaytn

    KUSD Stablecoin project first public launch on the Mainnet. More than 100 users acquired. More than 1000 token transactions occured during the month. The integration with MoonPay fiat on-ramp completed, allowing to exchange USD for KUSD using credit cards and Apple Pay.

    February, 2020
  • KUSD ✕ Klaytn

    KUSD Stablecoin project receives a $100,000 prize during the Klaytn Horizon hackaton. The money were reinvested in software development and PoS bonds. KUSD token is traded on the Kipswap DEX.

    March, 2020
  • KUSD Whitepaper

    Our refined vision of the project's future emerges. We evaluate multiple other blockchain networks for their unique characteristics, believing in the cross-liquidity and possibility of cross-chain stablecoin swaps. The KUSD Whitepaper defining the project goals is published.

    June, 2020

    We're glad to become a Validator and host a full-node for the Secret Network. The SCRT network with enabled private smart-contracts opens lots of possibilities for the projects like KUSD. So while a "Secret KUSD" implementation is still under development, we are placing our stakes now and commition to serve the Secret Community.

    September, 2020
  • Secret KUSD Launch?

    Currently being under active development, we look forward to launch a Secret Token (S20) that will be serving the same purpose as KUSD tokens launched on the other networks (ERC-20, KIP-7, etc).

    We strongly believe that data privacy is not only a prerequisite for better usability, but this unique feature is critical for achieving mass adoption of the blockchain payments.

    Q4 2020